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Introducing the…
Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook

The Fun, Easy Way To Prepare  Your Literary Adventure.

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Writing a novel is so much easier if you do a little planning first. And thanks to the Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook, the process of planning your breakthrough novel has never been easier.

Using simple worksheets and instructions, the workbook guides you through the various stages of

      • Finding story ideas that are original and intriguing.
      • Creating a dramatically sound synopsis.
      • Designing a main character with a compelling inner journey.
      • Rounding out your cast with memorable, believable characters who can fulfill the dramatic requirements of your story.
      • Researching an authentic setting — or designing a fantasy world.
      • Finding the right narrative mode and point of view to tell your story.
      • Crafting a sophisticated thematic message.
      • Planning sequences and scenes.

… and doing it all in a way that is fun and creative.

Combines Fun, Creative Exercises with Sophisticated Literary Technique.

I started my website, How to Write a Book Now, with the goal of taking sophisticated theories of story structure and literary techniques and making them easier, more practical, and fun for aspiring writers (and by fun, I mean a way that harnesses every writer’s natural creativity).

The Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook began as a set of worksheets and exercises developed for a series of creative writing courses I was teaching to both adults and teenagers at Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. Drawing on my training in both Dramatica Story Theory and theatre arts, I designed these courses to help emerging writers take a quantum leap in their creativity, their writing skills, and their understanding of what makes great stories work.

The resulting workbook consists of over 55 pages of worksheets and instructions that guide you through the complete process of planning a novel. It will help you find and develop your story ideas, and make sure your story has a solid, emotionally compelling structure — before you even begin your first chapter.

Unlike other novel brainstorming systems, the Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook is built upon a solid base of story theory. The exercises are open-ended, giving you the creative freedom do design the story you want, while at the same time helping you create a solid story structure.

24 Multi-Page Worksheets Cover Every Aspect of Novel Planning.

Here are just a few of the vital novel-planning steps you can accomplish with the Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook…

      • Practise 3 ways to generate original story ideas.
      • Take a simple story idea and develop it into a rich and detailed narrative suitable for expressing as a full-length work.
      • Create a logline and a brief synopses that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your story idea before you even start to write a first draft.
      • Map out the arc of your main character’s inner conflict and integrate it with your story’s outcome.
      • Use 3 ways to flesh out your cast of characters, and make each character memorable, believable, and unique.
      • Create detailed settings for the major events of your story — whether your story world is contemporary, historical, or fantasy.
      • Develop a complete plot, including the major turning points and multiple levels of story.
      • Use the power of the monomyth model to create young adult fiction.
      • Discover the right narrative mode and point of view from which to tell your story.
      • Master the secret to great descriptive writing.
      • And more!

By the time you’re finished, your story will be so well planned, the actual writing process will fly by. You’ll never suffer from writer’s block, because you’ll always know what’s about to happen and what your characters will discover around the next corner.

Newly Updated, But Still Just $5 USD

After a successful test run, the Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook has been revised to give all the worksheets additional visual appeal. Some worksheets have been expanded to better address writers’ needs. Also, a new Story Braiding exercise has been added to help you merge multiple subplots and storylines into one overall (and quite thorough) outline for your novel.
The workbook comes in PDF format, so you can easily open it on any computer and print off copies of individual worksheets to write on and perhaps store in your writer’s notebook.

Best of all, I have kept the price to just $5.00 (US).

To download your copy of the Step-by-Step Novel Planning Workbook, simply click on the “Add to cart” button below. Your payment is safe and secure

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I’ve just found out that my middle-grade novel, Dancing on the Inside has won honorable mention in the 2013 IndieFab Awards.

Established by Forward Reviews, which is a magazine dedicated to discovering indie books, the IndieFab awards are chosen by a select group of 100 librarians and booksellers. The criteria for judging are…

“…editorial excellence, professional production, originality of the narrative, author credentials relative to the book, and the value the title adds to its genre.”

By “indie books,” Forward means all books not published by the big five. The term includes university presses, privately owned presses, literary presses, and self-publishers.

The winners were then announced on June 27, 2014 at the 2014 American Library Association Annual Conference.

This makes the third award for Dancing on the Inside, which is very gratifying


Dancing on the Inside

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This was one of the first articles I wrote for my website, and continues to be one of the most popular. It’s a simple approach based on a small piece of Dramatica theory,  but it’s also one of the most powerful ways to develop a dramatically sound synopsis or plot outline for any story.

Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps.

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My course, “Creative Writing: The Art of Story” will be offered again at St. Lawrence College on Tuesday evenings starting September 24.

I have spent several years coaching emerging writers and answering questions regarding story structure and other aspects of (mostly) novel writing, both in person and through my other website, How to Write a Book Now, and I can promise a very unique experience – one that will change the way you look at stories forever.

For registration, visit St Lawrence College’s part time studies page.

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Foreword/Clarion reviews has just released a 5 out of 5 stars review for my middle-grade novel Dancing on the Inside, calling it

“…an uplifting and insightful novel for tweens and teens”

The review is based on the second edition which is now available and features the Gold Medal on the cover, in honour of the book receiving the Independent Book Publisher’s award.

You can read the full review on Foreword’s website.

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For anyone in the Kingston, Ontario area, on April 2 I will be presenting a workshop called “Creating Story Ideas When Your Muse Won’t Cooperate” as part of the Open Studio Series at Queen’s University’s Faculty of Education. Here are the details:

Tuesday, April 2nd, 6 pm-8 pm
$20 Registration fee
So you want to write fiction, but have a hard time coming up with
ideas? No problem! This workshop will enable participants to
develop easy methods for generating an unlimited supply of
original ideas that can be used as the basis of a short story, novel,
play, screenplay, or comic book. Teachers can also use these
methods effectively in their classrooms to help students invent
stories. Materials are included in registration fee.Open Studio Line Up 2013

To register for a workshop, please e-mail open_studio@hotmail.com
For more information, please see educ.queensu.ca/events/openstudio

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Here’s a new quiz you can play to win points towards free books. A Christmas quiz about a Christmas ballet so you can win Christmas gifts.

Just answer 5 multiple choice questions about the ballet The Nutcracker

Click here to continue

Whether you win or lose, after you’ve played this quiz, there are many other such quizzes at Bookbuzzr – which means many more chances to earn additional points.

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