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Here’s a new quiz you can play to win points towards free books. A Christmas quiz about a Christmas ballet so you can win Christmas gifts.

Just answer 5 multiple choice questions about the ballet The Nutcracker

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Whether you win or lose, after you’ve played this quiz, there are many other such quizzes at Bookbuzzr – which means many more chances to earn additional points.


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Play this little quiz and you can earn points towards FREE books at Freado!

I created it because I’m not too proud to admit that I quite enjoy the Luna Lovegood character from the Harry Potter books. I’ve always loved eccentric, honest characters who think outside the box. I’m also very sympathetic to those who struggle socially or who refuse to play the game.

I find it interesting that J.K. Rowling thought of Luna as an “anti-Hermione” because she accepts the existence of things on faith rather than evidence. Yet, the two characters are quite similar in other ways. They are both smart and caring. And neither of them seems to have any female friends apart from Ginny Weasley (which shows that Ginny too refuses to play the social game of shunning those who are unpopular).

It won’t take you more than five minutes to take this fun quiz. Just follow the link below.


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Freado, a book promotion site, has come up with a fun way for people to win free copies of books. By playing games on their site, you earn points that can be used to get FREE books.

Their newest game is called Quick Quiz. It’s essentially a trivia contest, where each game consists of just five questions.

I decided to create a couple of quizes on the subject of great dance movies. Here they are, if you care to enjoy…

Can you name these 5 Top Ballet Movies?


Can you name these 5 Great Dance Movies?


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